2012 Newsletter Index

October Newsletter

Pacifica Literature Review: Editorial Statement | Echtra, Cascadia Black Metal, and the Mythopoesis of Earth: Bioregionalism as Spiritual Embodiment | How can a Cascadian achieve independence from Big Ag? Eat your Yard! | Cascadia Now! in the News – A Summer Roundup | Your Daily Chinook Jargon – October | Running a Cascadia Info Table | Occupied Cascadia Premiere Release and Film Tour | Timeline in Cascadia: October | Cascadia in Pictures: September | Cascadia Cup begins its Final Stages | Cascadia Bowl Kicks Off 


September Newsletter


CascadiaNow as a Social Movement | Towards a Politics of Yes | Wild Identity: A Biocultural Relationship | A Cheers to Cascadia | Five Rings After the Cold War: Cascadian Olympians and a Horizontal Comradeship | A Cascadian Space Needle: Callout for Designs | Fans Organizing Cascadian Soccer Federation | August in Pictures | Must See YouTube Videos of August | Must Read Book Blurbs | This Month in Cascadian History: September | Cascadia Updates | News from Around the Pacific Northwest


August Newsletter

Drafting Cascadia: Mapping the Geography of the Pacific Northwest | Interview with David McCloskey at the Oregon County Fair, July 13th 2012 | The Cascadia Bowl: A Proposal | 7th Regional Cascadia Geography Mini-Conference Announced | The Republic of Cascadia: A Brief Timeline and History of Independence | July in Pictures | This Month in Cascadian History: August | Cascadia Updates | News from Around the Pacific Northwest


July Newsletter

The Cascadia Review: A New Voice for the Bioregion | Cascadia: Is There Hope? | Schadenfreude and Legends: The Zombie Sonics and the Cascadia Cup | Cascadians Converge, Caravan, Celebrate Bioregionalism and Interdependence | This month in Cascadian History | Cascadia! The Month in Pictures | Featured News from Around the Bioregion Cascadia in the Media | Cascadia Now! Group Updates Food and Drink


June Newsletter

Becoming Cascadian | Cascadian Caravan and Party to the Peace Arch, July 1st Weekend | Cascadia Now! to partner at Portland Institute of Contempary Art (PICA) 2012 Symposium | A Cascadian Whistle and Epistle, in Remembrance of Ernest Callenbach | Quaff Review #23: Secession Cascadian Dark Ale | The Tallest Sugar Pine, Umpqua Falls and Skookum Pond: Two Days in Umpqua National Forest | Mega-Region Development and Governance: Divergent rationales and political actors at work in Cascadia’s high-speed rail | Corridor vision | Cascadia in Pictures: May | Wood Innovation and Design Centre at Forefront of Heavy Timber Construction | Cascadian Peter Baum Finalist for the Tewaaraton Award | This Month in Cascadian History: May | Portland Timbers and Cascadia Feature Prominently in Adidas Commercial | Cascadian Rainbow Gathering | Cascadia EarthFirst! Rendezvous | A Big F***ing Party, Cascadia Soccer Day – July 14th | Chapter Updates |


May Newsletter

Visions of Cascadia, a Shared 2012 NCECA Ceramics Exhibition | 2012 Cascadia Poetry Festival Held in Seattle | This Month in Cascadia History | New PBS Show Public Matter’s situated in the Hypothetical state of Cascadia | Ernest Callenbach, author of Ecotopia and Early Visionary of Cascadia, has passed away | Stay Ready! A Cascadian Guide to Earthquake Preparation | Sustainability | Merchandise Updates: New Muted/Subdued Doug Patch, Cascadian Flags Restocked | New Cascadia Now! Radio Program


April Newsletter

Where did this come from? | The Doug, A Brief History | Occupied Cascadia Documentary Looking for a Kickstart | This Month in Cascadian History | Chapter Updates | Sucking Eggs for Cascadian Freedom: A Weekend Reportback | Earth Day 2012 Across the Bioregion | Around Cascadia | Oregon Garden Beerfest


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