The Solo Frequency Ya’Herrd!? Szn 3 Ep.4

Uriah Donavan Apple technician

Episode Description

Special Guest: Ty Keenen IG: @TyKeenen | NEW MUSIC OUT NOW !

S/o Cascadia Underground for the space to create the following EP.

Intro: Donnie Trumpet – Just Wait (3:30)

Stage in my life I start gathering indoor plants. Lighting is important, and nurturing plants. Not all life is made for all climates Professor tells you to speak to a plant.. what are you saying? (8:47)

No longer squishing bugs without thought Circle of life They have been here longer than us…bugs that is. Animals represent harmony more so than humans. That feeling when a dog barks at you…and no one else. (13:20)

Stop & Enjoy the moment. Be in the present, Wake Up Intermission -Stimela- Hugh Masekela (27:00)

T-Pain influence (29:00)

Coltrane Influence Tribute Soloist Power Levels Plus 1,000 Spiritual level of musicianship (35:30)

The Solo is an Art The art of making not stop decisions “solo” “The reward that faith gives us..”- Ty Keenen (41:10)

Grabbed random book off library shelf Solo Martial Art Training I’ve always wanted Goku Hands The art of disciplining the self Patients & Discipline essential Seek elder mentors “Don’t drop no dollar in an OGs case, $5 tip off principal.”- Ty Keenen (50:00)

Power behind protest Protests are in history yet we are in the present. S/o Mahilet UW Seattle BSU President Remove the George Washington Statute off Campus.. (52:40)

Warning if you believe in Santa spoiler alert. History is skewed, teaching Black history with more of our strengths. Don’t hide our divine truths. Caren I voted yesterday… Ya Digg!? (56:56)

Teachers are a huge influence on our lives. S/o to the good ones ! Forget the bad apples Public education system has been used for evil…boarding schools stripping history from Native Americans I’ve been a victim of “White Wash” “Hollywood Shuffle” – Our work voice… (1:08:54)

Local to Global Get your shine on, find your piece.

Outro: Donnie Trumpet – Rememory

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