Cascadia Now! January Newsletter

Cascadia Knuckle TatsIn this January edition of the Cascadia Monthly:

  • Why Cascadia? Why Poetry? – by Paul Nelson
  • The Connected States of Cascadia – by Brandon Letsinger
  • Cascadia, now more than ever – by Michael Hodges
  • Towards a Cascadia Football Federation and the 2016 VIVA World Cup [Updated]
  • West Coast States Continue trend towards Cascadian Integration
  • Cascadia Now! Upcoming January Meetups set for Seattle, Olympia and Portland
  • Cascadia Updates
    Upcoming Cascadia Now! Meetups | Cascadia Now! Vice Magazines favorite Secessionist Movement | Vote Cascadia Community Art Project | Explorations of Cascadian Cartography | First release of Cascadia Poetry Review | Decolonizing Cascadia UBC Geography Conference | A Mention in Mother Earth Magazine
  • Timeline in Cascadia: January – by Alex DeVeito
  • Cascadia in Pictures: December
  • Your Daily Chinook WaWa – January
  • Black Friday Cascadia Community Clean Up – by Adam Munson
  • Book Reviews
    The Right to Self Determination under International Law | Towards a Bioregional State
  • News from Around the Region
    Cascadia Civic Engagement Growing | Oregon Wine Touted as Nations Best | Idaho Scientist Launches Search for Bigfoot |
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Anyone should feel free to download, print and distribute as they see fit. A big thanks to our layout editor Vickie Phelps and Adam Munson. The Cascadia Monthly newsletter is a free monthly newsletter. We have a completely open submission policy and welcome any and all articles related to Cascadia and the Pacific Northwest, though we ask that they not be politically affiliated. Articles that violate our mission statement will also likely not be included. Submit related Cascadia content, pictures, articles, events or contributions to our editor Adam Munson at

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