Brandon Letsinger

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Volunteer Opportunity: Seattle Area Certified Swim and/or CPR/First Aid Instructors to Help Urban Youth

The Duncan Connection, a project of CascadiaNow!, and Urban Family Center  are joining forces this summer to instruct 6-weeks of free water safety and basic swim lessons to 80 kids, ages ranging from 7-16 years old. The project is looking for additional certified swim instructors and a CPR/First Aid instructor willing to generously donate their time and talent. 

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Brandon Letsinger

Brandon Letsinger is the CascadiaNow! Founder, Cascadia Association Football Federation (CAFF) board member, and Cascadia Underground director. He is an open source and independent media advocate, bioregionalist, movement builder and dusty, sneezy used book proprietor of Horizon Books on Capitol Hill in Seattle WA.