Cascadia Underground Writer and Podcaster Resource Library

On this page you will find resources designed to help writers and podcasters become more effective, and use our backend systems. Additional links will be added as we create them. Something missing? Email


In the Google Drive

Using WordPress

  • Create a User
  • How to Sign In
  • Getting Appropriate Permissions 
  • Article Checklist
  • Featured Image, SEO Snippet, Tags, Categories

Podcasting Resources

  • Podcasting with the Cascadia Underground: An Introduction
  • Designing Your Podcast Template
  • Podcast Timeline & Workflow
  • Memo of Understanding
  • Using Photographs and Artwork
  • Music & Sound
  • Podcast Checklist
  • Using Audio and Copyright Material

Citizen Journalism: General Resources

Media Center

  • Equipment Available
  • Reserve the Space
  • Classes / Events
  • Calendar
  • What is the Lab?

For Supporters and Volunteers

  • Cascadia Underground Citizen Journalism Toolkit
  • Policies and Volunteer Agreements