Welcome We Belong: A NAC Podcast

Cascadia Underground is excited to welcome We Belong, the first podcast produced by the Co-Operative Housing work group of the Greater Seattle Neighborhood Action Coalition. It is a series of stories about what is being done and what can be done to build a city that works for us all.

We are witnessing the growing pains of Seattle. We have been displaced. We are homeless and can’t afford rent. Those of us who can feel guilty. We Belong is a conversation about solutions to these wicked problems.Listen to be inspired, to envision the world we want to build, and be part of the solution.

For those not familiar, the Neighborhood Action Coalition is a politically independent coalition of hyper-local neighborhood councils, committed to combating oppression and supporting our neighbors where the state fails them through mutual aid, solidarity, and direct action. They officially started on November 9th of 2016, and continued to grow through a Post Election Community Response Forum in Capitol Hill on Nov. 12, involving more than a thousand people, who formed several distinct councils and coalitions to take action about what neighbors feel most important.

We Belong: A Podcast

Their current leadership team Rox Glick, Ty Nolan, Charles Conatzer and Fatema Maswood will be conducting interviews and sharing content on a regular basis.

If you would like to get more involved:

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