Pepperspray Media

Welcome Pepperspray Media

PepperSpray’s objective is to continue the tradition of providing independent, non-commercial news and information. Our way of doing that is centered around media diversity. Through a variety of different mediums PSM creates and provides informative content, meant to be shared through today’s social media landscape. In addition to easily shareable content, PSM is also producing long form videos, like documentaries, and textile media such as clothing and posters.

Pepperspray is an independent video collective producing video shorts covering local and international issues of social and political justice. Pepperspray was born out of the WTO protests in Seattle in 1999 when Seattle IMC called for people to become the media, “Don’t hate the media become the media.” 

 PepperSpray began as a product of the Seattle World Trade Organization (WTO) protest, more commonly known as, “The Battle in Seattle”. As the activist video collective, PepperSpray Productions, PepperSpray continued to produce social and politically conscious videos long after the WTO protest ended. After more than ten years of activist video work PepperSpray Productions disbanded. Now PepperSpray has returned as PepperSpray Media with the same video activist objectives and a new transmedia focus that it will use on older PepperSpray Productions projects that had to be left unfinished as well as new PepperSpray Media projects.

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