Pepperspray Media PepperSpray's objective is to continue the tradition of providing independent, non-commercial news and information. Our way of doing that is centered around media diversity. Through a variety of different mediums PSM creates and provides informative content, meant to be shared through today's socialmedia landscape. PepperSpray has returned to continue the tradition of independent non-corporate media.

About Pepperspray Media

PepperSpray Productions was an activist video collective that got its start during the protest in Seattle of the WTO in 1999. PepperSpray Media is the rebirth of that organization with a broader transmedia focus. PepperSpray collective member T. LaBee has been working with other members from the original PepperSpray Productions on projects for the new PepperSpray Media. Pepperspray Media Website | Youtube Channel

Pepperspray Media