Want to help spread Cascadia? Join us! First Ambassadors Conference Call October 6th!

Want to hook in, or help us spread Cascadia? Join us and bring your ideas, as well as learn about ways that you can hook in locally to help celebrate this amazing region, protect those things we find special, and help raise awareness for Cascadia. 

This will be our first conference call, and it’s our goal to help support YOU, and the lovely work that you would like to be doing, and seeing us do. Everyone’s voice is welcome, and we firmly believe that every person is an expert in the issues they care about.  

It is our goal to build a regional network in which anyone can hook, to table, to give presentations, to start and support projects they care about. Join us for a welcoming conference call. Learn about Cascadia, CascadiaNow!, discuss ideas and ways that every person can be involved!

To join

please RSVP with CascadiaOM@gmail.com

Dial: 857-232-0159. Enter code: 168 539. Please note that this is NOT a toll free number so standard call rates will apply.

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