Bioregionalism: Connecting and Activating Generations

Shared Zoom Call with special guests from Planet Drum Foundation & the Terran Collective. Thursday, September 3rd 2020 at 5-6:30pm

Bioregionalism is about getting to know a place and its myths, mysteries, terrain, history, relationships, culture, and ecological processes. Numerous visionaries and scholars have written that the bioregion presents a manageable and ecologically appropriate scale for humbly re-rooting degradative human cultures with the Earth. Join us for a conversation on connecting and activating generations working on this capacity building and find out how you can get involved.

About the speakers:

Judy Goldhaft, along with her late partner Peter Berg, co-founded Planet Drum Foundation in 1973 to provide an effective grassroots approach to ecology that emphasizes sustainability, community self-determination, and regional self-reliance. The organization advanced the concept of a “bioregion”—a coherent life-place, often bounded by a watershed, where nature and humans coexist. Planet Drum has produced more than fifty publications, hundreds of workshops, and numerous community organizing events that educate people about their places. The foundation sponsors projects and activities related to restoration ecology, green cities, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, watershed consciousness, and ecology education. They believe that recognizing and supporting natural systems of each bioregion is a necessary step toward preserving the whole biosphere. Planet Drum Foundation encourages everyone to plunge into a love affair with their place!

Clare Politano and Neha Sharma are two of the core stewards of Terran Collective, a Bay Area community of care and practice building systems and tools for a regenerative future. Terran Collective’s work covers five scopes of practice: community weaving, storytelling for cultural evolution, collaborative ecosystem mapping, regenerating the commons, and technology for thriving. Terran Collective was recently given stewardship of a collaboration app called Hylo, and is transforming it into a social coordination platform that enables collective action through emergent, decentralized collaboration. The design focuses on helping communities rebuild relationships and strengthen trust, which they believe are core to enabling coherent collective sense making, choice-making, and action.

Don’t miss this enlivening conversation co-produced by Impact@CIIS and PCC Forum!

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