Haleema Bharoocha

UpZones #2: Haleema Bharoocha

Episode #2: For the second episode of UpZones podcast, host Ian Martinez talks with Haleema Bharoocha, a Global Leaders Fellow, Vice President of the Muslim Student Association and founder and director of the Gender Justice Center at Seattle University. She talks about her work, personal history, and navigating the Seattle political landscape while tackling the hard questions we all must face living in a city during a time of extreme change.

About Haleema Bharoocha

Student activist Haleema Bharoocha fills Ian in on the dynamics of growing up Muslim in a post-9/11 America, including the complexities of homeschooling, why gentrification in communities of color isn’t simple, and what it means to be unleashed on mainstream America at 15. She explains her “Allyship in the Age of Islamophobia” workshop and how social justice fundamentalism can be counterproductive. Her passion pushes her to thrive in with the long-term vision of transformative change and systematic reform.

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