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UpZones #15: Ethan P. Goodman

Episode 15: Seattle Tech 4 Housing founder Ethan P. Goodman came by the bookstore smack in the middle of the utter craziness that was the fight over the Seattle “headcount tax.” Ethan shared his inspiration for jumping into the fight for more–and more affordable–housing, why a run-of-the-mill tech worker has an obligation to get involved, and then defends the controversial tax in the context of Seattle’s limited revenue-generation options.

About Ethan P. Goodman

Ethan P. Goodman is a software developer, entrepreneur and civic organizer, is the founder and lead organizer for Seattle Tech 4 Housing, a grassroots education and advocacy group fighting for progressive housing reform. Seattle Tech 4 Housing was founded on the principals that the tech boom can and should benefit every Seattle resident; that abundant and affordable housing is the foundation of an equitable city; and that the tech community in particular has a responsibility to fight for solutions. Ethan,  UW Husky who served at the Center for Democracy and Technology and Sunlight Foundation in Washington DC, watched the Citizens United ruling completely upend the relationship between corporations and government from up close.

Ethan is also the founder of Seattle in Progress, a real estate tech consultancy and website for tracking construction in Seattle. Read his latest Urbanist article on the “headcount tax” here.


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