Courtesy of Jennifer Zeyl

UpZones #13: Jennifer Zeyl

Episode 13: Jennifer came by the bookstore and discussed artistic excellence, something she knows a great deal about as Artistic Director of Intiman Theater, one of the Seattle’s indispensable — and arguably most important — theater companies. While the dogs frolicked about, Ian and Jennifer went back and forth on the impact that recent demographic and economic changes are having on the theater community, and what Jennifer thinks the incoming tech business transplants can do to integrate better with the Seattle arts community.

Jennifer Zeyl, a veteran of almost twenty years in Seattle theater, is the Artistic Director for Intiman Theater, a Seattle institution wrestling with American inequities.  She recently directed Taylor Mac’s HIR, which the New York Times called a “gloriously skewed vision of the toxins fouling the American family” and which Jennifer believes will soon take its rightful place in the canon of American family drama.   Prior to her time with Intiman, Jennifer was curator and creative director of Genre Bender at City Arts Magazine, founding co-artistic director of Washington Ensemble Theatre, and Artistic Director for Canoe Social Club, an oasis of collaboration and cross-pollination where Seattle artists “are challenged and supported in the creation of art, community, and creative solutions.”


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