UpZones #11: Linda Breneman & Teresa Swanson

Episode 11: Another week, another pair of guests challenge Ian’s convictions. Hugo House co-founder Linda Breneman talks growing up nuclear, dishes on the origins of Hugo House, and debates Ian on the nature of reliable information today. Then Dr. Teresa Swanson of the University of Washington and March for Science Seattle describes exactly what makes the scientific method different and why scientists need to be better activists. 

Linda Breneman:

Linda is a writer in Seattle, working in fiction, essays, journalism; she is publisher and editor at Pixelkin, a family-oriented video-gaming news site. In 1996, she co-founded Seattle’s literary center, Richard Hugo House, which continues to be the center of Seattle’s literary gravity to this day. Linda has focused her recent energy and attention on games and learning, consciousness, and virtual worlds, as well as cockapoo dogs, literature, speculative fiction, and her family. She believes that everyone can give something to local arts and civics, whether it is money, time, or intellectual energy; in fact, it is the only way the projects we’re passionate about will succeed.

Teresa Swanson:

Teresa recently received her Ph.D. from the UW Pharmacology Department and now works in graduate student affairs and science communication. As logistics organizer for March for Science Seattle, she’s passionate about effective science education, advocacy, and communication, especially about the upcoming march this April 14th.  She is one of the rare hockey fans who lives in Seattle, and enjoys her bourbon neat, preferably while discussing repeatability.


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