World’s Largest UFO Religion Supports Independent Cascadia

Yes, you heard that right. And not just any UFO religion – the Raëlians, who are the world’s largest.

According to Vancouver radio station News 1130’s Mike Lloyd:

“The group believes life on Earth was scientifically created by extraterrestrials. It also believes life would be much more peaceful, democratic, and non-violent if it was made up of a multitude of small, independent states each built by people united by the same culture, language, or religion.”

David Dunsmore, the Raëlians’ spokesman, told Lloyd that Cascadia “allows for humanity to become potentially more peaceful and harmonious” and is “a brilliant idea, in my opinion. I think it can be an interesting, productive place where people live and flourish” – sentiments with which CascadiaNow! certainly agrees.

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