Tickets and cool gifts available via Cascadia Poetry Festival Indiegogo campaign

The 2nd Annual Cascadia Poetry Festival is almost here! Join hundreds of others as they come together for a weekend of workshops, panels, readings, presentations and discussions, including a small press fair, and one night regional beer slam. 

This is a 100% volunteer run and coordinated event, and almost all our costs have been covered, including the spaces, travel and lodging, and other costs. Now we just need help raising the money for the last little bit, to help ensure that poets coming in from British Columbia, Oregon, Washington and Idaho can be reimbursed for their time.

If this is an event you’d like to support, or you haven’t picked up your tickets yet, this is a wonderful time to do so, and there are some great little extras as our thank you to you. Check out more here: Check out the indiegogo campaign for a video explaining the event by Paul Nelson, and some of the awesome premiums we’re offering for your support. 

Event 5/01-5/4 @ Seattle University’s Pigot Auditorium and surrounding venues and classrooms. 

For those in Seattle, there will also be a run off Poetry competition April 6th at Naked City Brewing to determine who will be representing the area for our one night regional beer slam (5/2).

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