The Washington State Flag Sucks (Go Cascadia!) | Fun article in the Seattle Weekly


Cascadia got a nice mention today in a fun article on the history of the King County and Washington State Flags giving a thorough critique, but noting:


“The Cascadian flag, meanwhile, was designed by Portlander Alexander Baretich in 1994 to represent the “Cascadian Bioregion”: British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon. For some, Cascadia is ripe for secession from the U.S., as outlined in Ernest Callenbach’s admirably goofy 1975 classic Ecotopia. But for Baretich, the flag and the concept of “Cascadia” represents something much simpler. “What this is really all about is decolonizing the imperialism that has been put into our brains,” Baretich said in an interview with The Portland Radicle. “Decolonization is something that we need to do on a personal level and on a paradigm-shift level.”

and concluding:

“Anything would be better than our current flag, the Cascadian flag is just one example of the power a symbol can have on the collective consciousness of a place. When you put a tree on a flag instead of a slave owner, suddenly people want to talk about the environment and equity instead of money and power. It’s a lesson our state could take to heart.”

The full article can be read here:

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