Brady Piñero Walkinshaw recording an episode of Upzones
Grist CEO and former legislator Brady Piñero Walkinshaw sits down to record an episode of Upzones

UpZones #10: Brady Walkinshaw

Episode 10: CEO and former Washington State legislator Brady Piñero Walkinshaw stops by the bookstore and talks about growing up in a rural town on the Canadian border and how to advocate for density and against climate change — spoiler: even Ian feels pain at one of his solutions. Brady then challenges one of Ian’s biggest personal takeaways from the 2016 election. 

About Brady:

Brady Walkinshaw is the former Representative for the Washington State Legislature’s 43rd District, centered in Capitol Hill and including parts of Central District, Wallingford, Madrona, and U District. While there he was the primary sponsor of bills increasing access to opioid antagonists to prevent overdoses, and restoring the right to obtain professional certificates to those released from prison.

Brady is currently the CEO of, a staple of 21st-Century environmental journalism that focuses on climate, sustainability, and social justice. Grist recently released its 2018 “Fixers” list, and its new segment “The Fix” focuses on enabling, quote, “a planet that doesn’t burn, a future that doesn’t suck.”


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