The Living Bus Project – CascadiaNow’s First Fiscally Sponsored Project!

CascadiaNow! is delighted to announce that through an unanimous vote of our board of directors The Living Bus Project has become CN’s first ever, completely official, 501c3 umbrella’s project! The sponsorship comes after being able to work closely with the wonderful folks handling the project for several months, and we were able to develop and create a lot of structure for other groups also looking for support, services and a non-profit umbrella. 

We’re here to help!

The Living Bus Project is a self-contained and closed-loop “tiny house” inspired by the Living Building Challenge. It is built using LEED Platinum Standards and demonstrates the possibilities for: Ecological Water Flow, Net Zero Water, Net Zero Energy, FSC Certified Lumber, Alternative Biofuels, and Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable products. When completed, they will use the Living Bus as an educational tool, teaching workshops and giving presentations to communities and schools around Cascadia!

More Information at:

This also means you can make a tax-exempt donation directly to this project, by going to our donate page here, and selecting ‘The Living Bus project‘ when asked where you would like your money to go!


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