PDX Cascadia Confluence only two weeks away!

9:30 AM – 6PM 4/20/14 @ Portland State University

On Sunday, April 20th, the Cascadia Branch of Portland invites you to kick off Earth Week with the First Annual Cascadia Rising: A Bioregional Confluence – A gathering dedicated to promoting bioregional awareness, Indigenous solidarity, alternative and horizontal governance tools, and community resilience in the Pacific Northwest (Both an amazing and free event!). Some great workshops and panels include:

  • A History of Bioregionalism – by Judith Goldhaft
  • Emergency Preparedness, Community Resilience & Sustainability – Jeremy O’Leary and Charla Chamberlain
  • Introduction to Sociocracy and how it can be used for Bioregional Governance – Workshop by Marc Tobin and Melanie Rios
  • Difficult Dialogues: The Intersection of Sovereignty – A facilitated conversation led by Dr. Cornel Pewewardy
  • And much much more! 

If you’re going to make it, don’t forget to RSVP. More information athttp://cascadiaconfluence.org |

Cascadia Rideshare Information: 
For those driving in from elsewhere or who need a ride, Cascadia Confluence Rideshare information here (though don’t forget about Bolt Bus and Amtrak).

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