Our type of Music! A Cascadia Hootenanny

Sorry we missed it, this looked like one fantastic Cascadia Hootenanny!

Held last Friday in Eugene, Oregon it featured local based The Conjugal Visitors, Seattle based Baby Gramps, burlesque dancer Trudy Bauchery is also on the bill, as well as jugglers, gyspy dancers and a surprise guest. 

M.D. “Maz” Elsworth from the Conjugal Visitors is from Kentucky and says he considers his Eugene band to be

“the Cascadian equivalent to the Appalachian sound he grew up around” and that “Those who are performing at this event are definitely part of a pretty big community, in the same vein, and have some of the same crowd and fan base between Seattle and Eugene — the Northwest jugband folk scene.” 

Other than being the ‘epitome of Cascadia Whiskey Land Jazz’ Baby Gramps! is about as ‘Cascadian’ as it gets…. and we remember seeing him back at model railroading conventions when we were but a wee lad, and the idea of Cascadia was still fresh and young….

If you’d like to learn more, the Eugene Weekly did a lovely article covering the event at http://www.eugeneweekly.com/20151203/music/cascadia-hootenanny

or give them a like at https://www.facebook.com/ConjugalVisitors/

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