Sanctuary City Music Project: Julia Massey

Episode #5: In this episode of Sanctuary City Music Project, Jay sits down with Julia Massey of the bands Warren Dunes (discussed here) and Julia Massey And The Five Finger Discount. Julia discusses what it’s like to create political music when you’re part of a “family band.”

Julia Massey is a singer/songwriter located in Seattle, Washington.

You can check out more Julia Massey and Warren Dunes at:

or on their website:

About Sanctuary City Music Project


Sanctuary City Music Project brings musicians and artists together to honor our rich diversity and to further the objectives of equality and awareness. Join us in creating an epic compilation of music, spoken word, poetry, and other forms of audible art.

The project was created after the election of 2016, and seeks to support communities and groups that are at risk in American society. All proceeds will be donated to local organizations and branches such as Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, Planned Parenthood, Seattle/KC Coalition on Homelessness or the ACLU.

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