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Occupy Wall Street: “Cascadia is the future”

Occupy Wall Street recently re-published an article written by Tyson Kelsall for Over the Edge, titled “#CascadiaNow? @CascadiaNow!” – and explained why they did so with a quick note at the beginning of the article:

We’re reposting because Cascadia is the future. Stay in the loop.

The article is worth taking a look at – it includes quotes from Autonomy Cascadia’s Cathasaigh Ó Corcráin and our very own Brandon Letsinger, among others, and offers a number of fascinating perspectives on the bioregion:

“It is not your typical movement based on the right and left spectrum, nor is it necessarily about protecting a certain culture. More so, it is about creating one, building off the foundation of what already goes on in the westernmost bioregion. It is about decentralizing two governments that seem to disregard what the population wants on the West Coast.”

To read the whole thing, visit or the original post, from the University of Northern British Columbia’s independent student newspaper, at

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