Non-FIFA Cascadia National Team officially approved by NF-Board

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After several months of formalizing paperwork and organizational structure, the Cascadia Association Football Federation (CAFF) has been approved as a provisional member of the Nouvelle Fédération-Board, or NF-Board for short. The organization is a soccer board unaffiliated with, but meant to complement FIFA, comprised of teams that represent unrecognized nations, autonomous regions, states, minorities, stateless peoples, and micronations.

Acceptance as a provisional member means that Cascadia is now eligible to participate in the VIVA world cup.  The VIVA world cup is a competition that is held every 2 years and is organized by the NF Board.  The next VIVA world cup is scheduled for 2014 with the host yet to be determined.

The next step then for CAFF, is to begin putting together a coaching staff and contacting eligible players to participate in a Non-FIFA aligned Cascadia national team. Alexi Lalas, ESPN announcer and former USMNT, has mentioned he may be interested in head coach, responding via twitter that he ‘would be honored’ to be offered the position.

Originally started in late August of 2012, the idea has gained a wide degree of attention. Not even a year later, after having their first general meeting and formalizing organizational positions on January 26th, CAFF has already received friendly invitations from several NF Board associated federations including Quebec,  Northern Cyprus, Raetia, Sealand (because why not?), Occitania and several others.

football cascadiaThough eligibility for a Cascadian national team has not yet been determined, CAFF has been in close talks with several players, including some professional, and is tracking more than 100 players who might be interested. Because it is not FIFA-aligned, the team itself will likely be made up of amateur, semi-pro and professional players, and does not interfere with their play-ability in other matches. Contact has also been made with the Quebec association who have already agreed to home and away meetings and the nascent beginnings of a North America and Arctic federation being set up alongside Greenland and, in the future, New Brunswick. The clamour for a Cascadian team has come too quickly for some invitations though, including taking part in a tournament in England this summer, but the association are hoping to have a side playing matches by the end of the year.

CAFF will likely be having another general meeting in the upcoming months, and if you are interested in becoming involved, you can send them an email directly to, follow them on Twitter @CascadiaSoccer or on facebook here. You can view the original NF-Board release announcing CAFF’s application here. Below, we’ve also included an alphabetical list for potential Cascadian players, along with position and current club. If you have suggestions or see an error, please feel free to let us know in the comments, and we’ll try our best to get it corrected as soon as possible:





Jason Baarts-Portland Anthony Arena-Houston Ely Allen-unattached Omari Aldridge-Khalsa Sporting Club
Tyler Baldock-ACBC Paul Ballard-Fraser Valley Mariners Osvaldo Alonso-Seattle Gibson Bardsley-Dayton
Chris Blais- unattached Scott Bolkan-unattached Nick Besagno-Washington Crossfire Ricardo Carrillo-Portland
Ben Dragavorn-unattached Drew Chrostek-unattached Brandon Bonifacio-Vancouver Thunderbirds Jason Cascio-unattached
Chris Eylander-unattached Ryan Cochrane-unattached Josh Cameron-unattached Caleb Clarke-FC Augsburg
Daniel Fernandes-FC Twente Michael D’Agostino-Sportfruende Siegen Gordon Chin-unattached Alex Elliot-Sportfruende Siegen
Marcus Hahnemann-Seattle Graham Dugoni-Charleston Raphael Cox-Tampa Bay Ben Fisk(BC)-Charleston
Tally Hall-Houston Jaime Finch-Carolina Matthew Dallman-Pittsburgh Kevin Forrest-Washington Crossfire
Dough Herrick-Seattle Sterling Flunder-Pittsburgh Terry Dunfield-Unattached Ian Fuller-Orlando
Simon Rayner-Three Bridges FC Tanjot Singh Grewall-unattached Steven Evans-Portland Maykel Galindo-LA Blues
Steve Reese-unattached Ty Harden- San Jose John Fishbaugher-Washington Crossfire Marcus Haber-Stevenage
Spencer Richey-unattached Loren Hill-unattached Ben Fisk(WA)-unattached Jason James-unattached
Garrett Staples-Portland Tyler Hughes-Victoria Highlanders Joey Gjertsen-unattached Nate Jaqua-unattached
Josh Saunders-RSL George John-Dallas Manny Gomez-CA Jorge Griffe Ellis McLoughlin-unattached
Simon Thomas-Vancouver Daniel Leach-unattached Evan Harding-Charlotte Fredy Montero-Sporting CP
John Lesko-unattached Kevin Harmse-San Antonio Scorpions Michael Nonni- SV Wilhelmshaven
Nigel Marples-HB Koge Jordan Hughes-Victoria Highlanders Riley O’Neill- Myllykosken Pallo
Taylor Mueller-Charleston Jacob Hustedt-San Jose Brent Richards-Portland
Kent O’Conner-Vancouver Thunderbirds Justin Isidro-Caldas Sport Clube Colin Rolfe-unattached
Gregory Preciado-Dayton Jacob Lensky-unattached Jake Sagare-unattached
Adam Straith-FC Saarbrücken Stefan Leslie-Surrey United Ross Schunk-unattached
Mason Trafford-IFK Mariehamn Francisco Lopez-Ventura County Fusion Desmond Tachie-unattached
Dylan Tucker-Gangnes-Portland Tim Merrit-unattached Adam Wallace-unattached
Kellen Wanulock-Tacoma Stars Lamar Neagle-Seattle Cam Weaver-Houston
Austin Washington-unattached Alex Nimo-JK Tammeka Tartu Nick Webb-Gigantes de Carolina
Mason Webb-Surrey United Ciaran O’Brien-Carolina
Adam West-FC Edmonton Troy Ready-Vakhsh Qurghonteppa
Deandre Yedlin-Seattle Tyler Rosenlund-Rochester
Kelyn Rowe-New England
Alejandro Salazar-unattached
Josh Simpson-BSC Young Boys
Justin Solomon-Seattle
Robbie Tice-Neosodden IF
Brandon Tyler-New Orleans Jesters
Alfredo Valente-unattached
Jarad vanSchaik-Charleston
Cameron Vickers-Phoenix
Leland Wright-Sportfruende Siegen
Gianluca Zavarise-unattached
Preston Zimmermann-SV Darmstadt 98
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