Seeking “Made in Cascadia” Volunteers

Join us as we put together our first “Made In Cascadia” regional directory! “Made in Cascadia” is a project dedicated to raising awareness of groups, organizations, and businesses that are made or grown in the Cascadia bioregion. Help us connect sustainable and ethically produced goods with awesome Cascadians around the Pacific Northwest.

How to participate:

Email to be involved, go to our volunteer page for more information, submit your business, project or organization to our regional directory, or email if you would like to join our volunteer group. 


Four focus areas of Made in Cascadia are:

  • Informing citizens of the values provided by community-based businesses and their importance to the local economy, culture and social fabric.
  • Group branding, promotion and advertising to elevate our community-based Cascadian businesses and growers, and bring to them some of the advantages larger collectives enjoy.
  • Increasing access to independent and local businesses and growers for every person here in Cascadia.
  • Providing needed services and support to create a competitive advantage for local businesses, and to create strong relationships with local government and the media to inform local decision-making and give a voice to the locally owned independent business community.

If you know someone who might be interested in the Made in Cascadia project, or if your business wants to take part, please take a moment to fill out our application and we’ll be in touch!

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