Join! October and November UW/Cascadian Wikilab Meetup Dates

On Mondays from 4:30-6:30 between October 5-November 30 the University of Washington Research Commons will be hosting Wikipedia Lab, a community event at the Allen Library of the Seattle campus. Anyone is welcome to drop in and learn how Wikipedia is created. If there is information you wish to share, librarians and Wikipedians will be on hand to assist you in publishing in Wikipedia.

The first four weeks will have a suggested theme of “women in the sciences” and the next five weeks are “culture of the Pacific Northwest”. Anyone is welcome to write whatever you like, but for anyone who wants suggestions, the librarians will have recommended books on hand which would be easy to add to Wikipedia. Read a page, write a summary, then share what you learn in 30 minutes!

Cascadian Wikimedians are a group of independent volunteers that handle most Wikimedia projects, including the coordination of many events and outreach efforts. Cascadia Wikimedians also accepts proposals for collaboration so that Wikimedia users can have the backing and support of an organization when they conduct their Wikimedia outreach efforts. This makes the local Wikimedia community participants feel supported, the outreach audience feel more confident, and gives the international network of Wikimedia project participants a communication channel with the region so that they can have stake in the major projects there.

Please feel free to join. This meeting is organized by, the Cascadia volunteer chapter of the Wikimedia community.


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