Featured Book: “The People of Cascadia”

Our featured book is “The People of Cascadia” by Heidi Bohan.
Heidi is a long time educator, researcher, and wild plant expert who teaches Northwest Heritage and Ethnobotany at Anake Outdoor School.

“The People of Cascadia” book was funded by a 4Culture King County Heritage Grant and created to fill a gap in the educational materials available for those who want to learn more about the incredibly rich culture of the people of Cascadia. As part of this collaboration, curriculum and workshops for educators and teachers have also been made available. Inspiration for the book came through Heidi’s relationship to Haida carver and storyteller, Ralph Bennett- Goo la’ Slacoon in 1994, her mentor Peggy Deam, Suquamish elder and cultural educator, and collaboration with local tribes around the Pacific Northwest. Heidi also connected with the native peoples’ through participation in Snoqualmie Canoe Family and work as an instructor for Northwest Indian College.

The title of the book, “People of Cascadia” was decided many years into the process as a way to be inclusive of tribes throughout the region rather than just the Pacific Northwest Coast. This title also allows for the possibility of future additions in a separate volume, representing cultural groups as far north as the Haida and Tlingit, and as far south as the many tribes of Northern California and Oregon. The book features an amazing range of information, illustrations and pictures.

You can find more information, class guides, workshops and purchase a copy at www.peopleofcascadia.com/

It is also available (hopefully!) at any local bookstore, or in our store at: cascadianow.org/swag

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