Featured Book: Boundaries of Home – Mapping for Local Empowerment

Boundaries of Home, edited by Doug Aberley, consists of 15 essays from educators, planners, and activists that show how maps and mapping can be used as powerful tools to conserve natural resources while also having the ability to empower local peoples. Aberley discusses how mapping can be used as a tool by,  “reinhabitants to fulfill a joyful relearning of what has been taken, lost, or forgotten… of place, of traditions old and new, of a future based on local aspiration for stability, quality of life, and interconnections” (pp. 2-3).

Whether you are interesting in opposing a clearcut or toxic dump, participating in local planning or zoning, or trying to learn more about your own region, Boundaries of Home will explain different approaches on how to find, use, and create maps in a way that will have a positive impact on your bioregion. 

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