2018 CascadiaNW Festival

2018 Cascadia NW Arts and Culture Festival w/Video

Starborne Shows is excited to present CASCADIA NW Arts & Music Festival, a weekend long festival of arts, music, culture and fun. In true NW style, we create our festival together and are seeking diverse participation from our region and beyond. Three days of camping with music, art, workshops, performances & artisan vending at the beautiful Masonic Family Campgrounds in Granite Falls Washington! 


One hour NE of Seattle.

Website: http://www.CascadiaNW.com

Give them a like on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/cascadianw

Thank you to all of those who created, participated & joined us in this years summer celebration!

Join Starborne productions and the Cascadia community for this annual summer celebration, featuring three days of camping with music, art, workshops, performances & artisan vending July 26-30th, 2018 at the beautiful Masonic Family Park in Granite Falls, WA. 

CascadiaNow! is excited to partner and support, offering art installations, presentations, info booth and table, and usually a group camping spot.


About Cascadia NW Festival

Cascadia NW celebrates our beautiful Northwest culture, with three days of music, art, and camping on nearly 300 acres of North Cascade scenery at the Masonic Family Park, near Granite Falls, Washington.  Cascadia NW is produced by Starborne Productions, as well as hundreds of other members of Cascadian communities from across the Pacific Northwest. Each year, the festival is unique in that festival goers and organizers divide up into different camps, including Mythica, Genesis, Ecotopia and Technosis, each of whom have their own stage, art and music that they coordinate and orchestrate.


Cascadia evolves the typical festival format to a co-creative interactive experience! 
The festival is comprised of 5 collaborating Villages. You have the opportunity to participate with your Village community to craft unique experiences at Cascadia, both onsite and throughout the year.

Now, discover the village that inspires you most and start communicating through the linked Facebook groups!  (if you have any further questions, please direct them toward the Village Mayor that most interests you, they will be moderating the Facebook group)



A Brief History:

For the past 10 years, communities from the Northwest have gathered from far and wide to join energies to bask in the light & bring about a celebration so sweet: a Festival of our reflection of our temporary nomadic home: Land between Three Mountains, Land upon the Sea, & now to our Gem with the Ancient River and Trees. Through all the years of Photosynthesizing, we’ve gained new breath, forming an atmosphere that is ours… a garden in full bloom … our cities, our nature, our family & friends…our food, our music, our art, our CASCADIA. May we celebrate under a new muse and bloom to new heights together. 

Cascadia Underground Community Calendar:

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