Cascadia Ensemble in the Procession of the Species

April 27, 2018 @ 9:00 pm – April 28, 2018 @ 5:00 pm

Procession of the Species is a community created celebration and is a joyous, artistic pageant, embracing the languages of art, music and dance to inspire learning, appreciation and protection of the natural world. Cascadia Underground is excited to partner with Upcycle Cascadia to make lots of fun Cascadia lanterns for the Luminary Parade starting at 9:30pm Friday night, and then for an ensemble in the march itself the following day beginning at 3:30.


The intent of the Procession of the Species is to elevate the dignity of the human spirit by enhancing the cultural exchange that we have with each other and with the natural world… and to do that through imagination, creation, and sharing.

Come wearing your finest CASCADIA garb and join us for the annual Procession of the Species (Saturday at 3:30PM) and Luminary March (Friday at 9:30PM) in Olympia, WA. OUT OF RESPECT FOR THE RULES of no written words or symbols for the large parade items – please leave flags at home, However DO be as creative as you like in representing Cascadia, or feel free to WEAR as much Cascadia gear as you like. 

Cascadia Underground is excited to partner with Upcycle Cascadia, who will be making a giant Duck made from picked up litter to help raise awareness of conservation. 


We are making Cascadia Lanterns. The Luminary Procession starts at 9:30pm that Friday. We will be meeting a bit early at 9pm.


We are building and making art using litter that we can all collect. Please join us, and bring your own wonderful trash art. ♥ The procession starts at 3:30pm, but please arrive early for setup.


Will be announced shortly!


Procession of the Species Day Schedule

Procession begins at 4:30 PM, rain or shine. Drop-off between 3:30 and 4:30 PM, at either Chestnut and Legion or Cherry and 7th.


  • 3:30 to 4:30 PM: Assemble on Legion Way and Cherry between Jefferson & Chestnut in downtown Olympia – one block east of the Fishbowl Brewpub. Line-up in the designated block of your element.
  • 4:30 PM: Procession begins – rain or shine.
  • 5:30 to 7:00 PM: Procession ends at Heritage Park.
    Check-in and Gathering? Check-in begins at 3:30 pm. Check yourself and your group in at the Registration table at the corner of Legion and Franklin. Each of the four Element sections of the parade and their assigned blocks will be clearly marked by signs. You are encouraged to come early, walk around, and view all the other marvelous species… but please have your group assembled at your registered Element by 4:15 pm – We need to assure that music groups are placed in good positions throughout your Element.


Spectators are welcome to join in with the procession at any point along the route. BUT REMEMBER: Spectators who join in with the procession are subject to the same considerations and policies that assure the safety and wellbeing of both participants and the intent of the Procession of the Species Celebration. Please remember to respect the rules: No written words/symbols – No pets/live animals – No motorized vehicles/boom boxes (electric wheelchairs are a welcomed exception).

More Schedule Information at:


The three rules for participating in the Procession of the Species exist to inspire, nourish, and protect the Procession’s cultural evolution of imagination, creation, and sharing.

No written or spoken words. We use no words, symbols or lyrics in our art, music or dance.

No pets or live animals. We have no live animals in the Procession, with the exception of Service Animals.

No motorized vehicles. We do not motorize our creations which includes the use of musical amplification. Of course, a motorized wheelchair is certainly permitted.


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