Your Cascadia Economic Direct Democracy Welcome to Building Your Cascadia.

The purpose of this segment is to provide the reader with insights and examples of working democratic economies, and explore ideas about what sorts of systems we all want to create for ourselves as Cascadians. This will be in connection with the YourCascadia project, which aims to build such an interface for people across the bioregion to co-create a more responsible economy through direct democracy. Other topics of discussion include basic income, cryptocurrencies, effective nonprofit solutions, participatory budgeting, voting structures, the sharing economy, disruptive technologies, gamification, and plenty of other such ideas that this project intends to breathe life into. As a “meta-platform,” we encourage discussion regarding other possible models, so we can debate and experiment to find what works best. Please share the vision of Your Cascadia with us, and we’ll see what we can do together!

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Building Your Cascadia