CascadiaNow is a 501(c)3!

On March 19th, CascadiaNow! received the news that we are now federally recognized as a 501(c)3 not for profit organization! This tax exempt status makes us eligible for grants, corporate giving and federal resources exclusive to non-profit organizations. With our toolbox fully stocked, we are ready to take on a greater role in advancing the Cascadia social movement!

We are now able to provide fiscal sponsorship to Cascadian Chapters, Groups and Projects that reflect our mission of creating an inclusive and vibrant Pacific Northwest community. Meaning we can help each and every Cascadian initiative connect to the grants, private donor support and volunteers needed to make a dream a reality.

In addition to financial support, we are working to expand the resources available on our website. This includes an open, safe forum for Cascadians to connect to each other, informational materials for students, teachers and the media, as well as best practice information for those working to grow Cascadian social movement in their neighborhoods.

We would never have made it to this point without your support. Yes, you! Your interest and engagement has been imperative to our growth as an organization, and you are truly appreciated. Together, we will build a sustainable future for Cascadia. Thank you for joining us on this wild ride!

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