CascadiaNow! 2016 Memberships have launched

Building on an amazing 2015 Founding Membership campaign, and after our first full year of operating as an official non-profit, we are excited to bring back a permanent, awesome CascadiaNow membership to support this great idea, organization and movement.

100% of our funding comes from your support, both through these memberships and our store, and this year and keeps our organization independent and supporter driven. This year, to say THANK YOU and spread some Cascadia love, we’ve got lots of exciting things planned to try and make this something unique, and building in some really awesome ways to be engaged and involved so that every person can be a part of this awesome and amazing movement.

We’ve got great member gear for all new members, including flags, shirts, hoodies, stickers and other goodies, and for returning members who might already have a lot of that, we’re mixing it up and re-envisioning what a membership can be with neat, unique send-outs, and items which build community, raise awareness, or educate about Cascadia, that arrive throughout the year. Also, due to your request, we are also trying out a monthly membership program to hopefully make this movement accessible to every Cascadian who would like to be involved. 

To become a member click here!

Returning Members, click here!

We look forward to continuing to build this amazing idea and movement, and hope you will join us!

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