Cascadia Wholesale is now Bulk!

Great news, Cascadians! We have decided to merge the (previously separate) Cascadia Wholesale store with the current non-profit supporting CascadiaNow! Merchandise page! This means that some items on our store will now list BULK prices. We wanted to make these awesome bulk discounts available to everyone, not just businesses and resellers. Now, you can buy 10 flags at a discounted price, or 50 patches, or 200 stickers! Wowsa!

It’s easy to buy at Bulk rates. If an item is offered in bulk, when you click “select quantity” to add to your cart, you will see additional options labeled BULK. Add to your cart and enjoy!

Check out all the items that come in bulk prices at our Bulk Store page!

Additionally: If you are a business with a Washington State Reseller’s Permit and you would like to have taxes removed from your order, please contact our store manager!

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