Photo: Seattle Flag Makers
Photo: Seattle Flag Makers

One of our biggest goals here at CascadiaNow! has been to be able to offer USA made Cascadia Doug Flags at an affordable price. After a several years of searching, we are thrilled to announce our first run of USA-made flags. With the generous help from our friends over at Seattle Flag Makers, you can now get your order in for a high quality, digitally printed with eco-friendly ink flag!

Purchase your USA Made flag here for pre-sale order.

Flags are expected to ship out mid-November, but get your order in now because we will be raising the price from $40 to $45 as soon as the pre-sale is over!

We do our best to find the highest quality, locally and sustainably made merchandise in an effort to uphold our mission. Sometimes this proves very difficult in finding products that are also affordable. Ethically made by a family-owned business with a focus on quality, we are confident that these flags confirm our dedication to carry the best products available.

Learn more about the history of our Cascadian emblem here. 

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