Cascadia at First Ever Imagine Festival

Over the past weekend, CascadiaNow was excited to attend the Imagine Music and Arts Festival that featured a multimedia show case of cutting edge music, art and ideas at Doe Bay Resort on Orcas Island. Bringing in more than 600 folks from around Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, the festival featured performances and music late into the night, and presentations, discussions, panels and workshops during the day. 

The Imagine Festival featured a wide range of talent including world class Electronic Music, World Rhythms, Live Acoustic Artists, Spoken Word Poetry, Live Performance, Visionary Art and a rocking Electronic Music Stage. Performers included Yaima Music, Random Rab, Luke Mandala, UK based Kaya Project, Bluetech, Living Light, Drum Spyder, Irina Mikhailova, Rafe Pearlman, Seastars, Michael Manahan, Manoj, Yaima, Rob Noble, Marmalade, Michael Maricle, Opulence, Elemental Rythym, Weaver and Space Buddha. 

With the goal of creating an educational and intentional festival space, during the day we have teamed up with New Stories who will be offering workshops featuring some amazing thinkers and dreamers. Exploring new concepts, we will focus on ideas relevant to shaping the future such as sustainable farming, consciousness, art, alternative medicines and sustainable energy. including a MAPS panel, Soil Food Webs, Visionary Art, Evolving Festival Culture, Dream Dance, Food Systems Mapping, Solar Nexus, Primitive Skill Workshops, Living Systems (R)Evolutions, Qi Gong, ReVillaging the Inhabitants, with live art and gallery showings with Eric Nez, Xavi, Burgandy Viscosi, Gloria Weaver, Dave Heskin, Dorian Dyer, , Sienna Dawn, Alex Musgrave, Maya Paypaya, Michelle Dawn,  Kimbah Tatyania, Nina Von Feldmann, Ryan Johnson and beautiful fire and aerial performances by Zepto Space – Our Sacred Cirque. 

CascadiaNow was excited to join the event, join in the lovely discussions and table. As the weekend continued, it was great to see the dozens of Cascadia flags rising over tents and tables around the 33 acre space. Doe Bay has become a destination for alternative and retreat seeking individuals, and includes a spa 26 cabins, as well as yurts and campsites on the property. Additionally, the Café has become has become a culinary phenomenon of sorts, offering “seed-to-table” cuisine, food from our local purveyors, and specialties from fair trade and small-scale regional producers.

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