Cascadia: A State of Mind, a Bioregion of Beer

 With big geographic features, come big flavours   
With big geographic features, come big flavours  

Cascadia. It’s an evocative name. It conjures up images of dense evergreen forests, soaring snow-capped peaks and water, water everywhere: from rain and snow and ice and glaciers to mountain creeks, mighty rivers and the boundless Pacific.

In a fun new article by the BC based paper the Province, Author Jan Zechsky does a lovely job of talking about Cascadia, bioregionalism, and of course our lovely, bioregional, craft beer and hop culture. He talks about the social and regional movement, the history of the flag with some nice mentions to Alexander Baretich, and has some nice interviews with Fishtale Brewery in Olympia, WA, Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) in Portland, OR, and Phillips Brewing up in Vancouver, British Columbia, each one of the pioneers of our very own Cascadia Dark Ale (CDA) style of beer.

Once you’ve popped open one of those fine Cascadian craftbrews, you can read the full article at:

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