2014 UW and Seattle CascadiaNow! Meetings Announced

Both the Seattle and UW chapters of CascadiaNow! have set their first meetings for 2014. They will be largely introductory, and focus around ratifying their group structures and appointing officers.

If you have never been to a meeting before, this is a great opportunity to be involved, and see how we’ll bemoving forward in 2014. For everyone who has been to a previous meeting, these will be especially important, so we hope to see you there!

For people in other areas who would like to host a meetup contact cascadianow@gmail.com, or if you ave already signed up to join or start a chapter, be expecting an email soon. 

Seattle CascadiaNow! Meeting

Thursday 1/30 7pm Black Coffee Coop in Seattle, WA

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/342650149206532/?ref=br_tf

You can also join the Seattle Facebook group or give their Facebook Page a like.

UW CascadiaNow! Meeting

This Friday, 1/24 6pm at Savory 131 at 6pm on the University of Washington campus.

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1444431392435537/?ref=br_t

Like their Facebook Cascadianow UW Chapter page here.

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