2014 Cascadia Olympians

The official roster for the 2014 Cascadia Olympians is up! and we will be updating this page as the results come in.

/u/Khavanon has been at it again, and after compiling this for London 2012, has completed his list of more than 70 athletes who will be representing Cascadia at this years 2014 Sochi Olympics. 

If you’re interested, follow along and we’ll see how well our athletes do, and where Cascadia would rank if it were set apart from the U.S. and Canada.

Results will be updated in real time on the subreddit thread, and updated here as we see it. Full link and details can be found here:  http://www.reddit.com/r/Cascadia/comments/1x9phj/2014_cascadia_olympians/

This year is quite B.C. dominant. Part of it is because B.C. represents 13% of Canadians, while Oregon and Washington represents 3% of the Americans combined. Another part of it is due to B.C.’s Winter Olympic importance to Canada. Plus, since Cascadia hosted the last Winter Olympics in Vancouver, there’s all of those nice facilities sitting around there.

About the List

This time Idaho, the part of Montana on this side of the divide, and all of Alaska is included. No one from the Jefferson part of California is competing. 

Individuals who reside in Cascadia, but originate from elsewhere are also included, but please let us know if someone has been left off or made any mistakes.

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blatantly stolen Google logo!

CASCADIA (70 Athletes):

(NR) in the world if including team medals.

(NR) in the world if excluding team medals.

*Rankings calculated after removing Cascadians from USA/Canada’s non-team medal count. *Effect of team medals in rankings noted due to some team members coming from outside Cascadia.

Total Medals0 (0 GOLD, 0 SILVER, 0 BRONZE)

Individual Medals0 (0 GOLD, 0 SILVER, 0 BRONZE)

Team Medals0 (0 GOLD, 0 SILVER, 0 BRONZE)

Cascadia Olympians

(Some names may appear more than once for differing events; some team competitors combine for one medal)

Position | Athlete | City | Event | Team Event

  • Jamie Benn | Victoria Hockey yes
  • Erik Bjornsen | Mazama Cross-Country Skiing no
  • Sadie Bjornsen | Mazama Cross-Country Skiing no
  • Jenna Blasman | Whistler (orig. Kitchener)Snowboarding no
  • Noah Bowman | Whistler (orig. Calgary)Freestyle Skiing no
  • Holly Brooks | Seattle (resides in Anchorage)Cross-Country Skiing no
  • Kent Callister | Bend (competes for Australia)Snowboarding no
  • Jasmine Campbell Hailey | (competes for U.S. Virgin Islands)Slalom Skiing no
  • Roberto Carcelen | Seattle (competes for Peru)Nordic Skiing no
  • Nick Cunningham | Boise (resides in Monterey)Bobsled yes
  • Chris Del Bosco | Whistler (orig. from Montreal)Freestyle Skiing no
  • Patrick Deneen | Cle Elum Freestyle Skiing no
  • Justin Dorey | Mt. Vernon Freestyle Skiing no
  • Alex Duckworth | Whistler (Korig from Kingsburg, NS)Snowboarding no
  • Dave Duncan | Whistler (orig from London, ON)Freestyle Skiing no
  • Rob Fagan | Cranbrook Snowboarding no
  • Kaitlyn Farrington | Sun Valley Snowboarding no
  • Liam Firus | North Vancouver Figure Skating no
  • Erik Fisher | Middleton Alpine Skiing no
  • Brian Greeg | Methow Valley Nordic Skiing no
  • Roz Groenwoud | Whistler (orig. from Calgary)Freestyle Skiing no
  • Dan Hamhuis | Smithers Hockey yes
  • Simi Hamilton | Rigby Snowboarding no
  • Keltie Hansen | Whistler (orig. from Edmonton) Freestyle Skiing no
  • Megan Heinicke | Prince George Biathlon no
  • Jessica Hewitt | Kamloops Short Track Speed Skating no
  • Kevin Hill | Vernon Snowboarding no
  • Jake Holden | Whistler (orig. from Caledon, ON) Snowboarding no
  • Nate Holland | Sun Valley Nordic Skiing no
  • Mike Janyk | Whistler Alpine Skiing no
  • Jessika Jensen | Rigby Snowboarding no
  • Duncan Keith | Penticton Hockey yes
  • Hilary Knight | Sun Valley Hockey yes
  • Torin Koos | Leavenworth Nordic Skiing no
  • Sage Kotsenburg | Coeur d’Alene Snowboarding no
  • Justin Kripps | Summerland Bobsled no
  • Crispin Lipscomb | Whistler Snowboarding no
  • Roberto Luongo Vancouver (orig. from Montreal) Hockey yes
  • Matt Margetts | Penticton Freestyle Skiing no
  • Kimberly McRae | Victoria Lugeno
  • Denny Morrison | Fort St. John Speed Skating no
  • Eric Neilson | Kelowna Skeleton no
  • Christian Niccum | Woodinville Luge no
  • Mercedes Nicoll | Whistler Snowboarding no
  • Spencer O’Brien Courtenay Snowboarding no
  • Manny Osborne-Paradis | Invermere Alpine Skiing no
  • T.J. Oshie | Mount Vernon Hockey yes
  • Carey Price | Anahim Lake Hockey yes
  • Morgan Pridy | Whistler Alpine Skiing no
  • Kikkan Randall | Anchorage Cross-Country Skiing no
  • Kevin Reynolds | Coquitlam Figure Skating no
  • Maelle Ricker | West Vancouver Snowboarding no
  • Mike Riddle | Whistler (orig. from Sherwood Park, AB) Freestyle Skiing no
  • Chris Robanske | Whistler (orig. from Calgary) Snowboarding no
  • Laurenne Ross | Bend Alpine Skiing no
  • Jessica Schultz | Anchorage Curling yes
  • Kelsey Serwa | Kelowna Freestyle skiing no
  • Amy Sheehan | Wenatchee (competes for Australia) Freestyle Skiing no
  • Georgia Simmerling | West Vancouver Freestyle Skiing no
  • Sara Studebaker | Boise Biathlon no
  • Eli Terwiel | Sun Peaks Alpine Skiing no
  • Marielle Thompson | Whistler Freestyle Skiing no
  • Ben Thomsen | Invermere Alpine Skiing no
  • Yuki Tsubota | Whistler Freestyle Skiing no
  • Angeli VanLaaner | Bellingham Freeskiing no
  • Maggie Voisin | Whitefish Free skiing no
  • Shea Weber | Sicamous Hockey yes
  • Vic Wild | White Salmon (competes for Russia) Snowboarding no
  • Jacqueline Wiles | Aurora Alpine Skiing no
  • Bradley Wilson | Butte Freestyle Skiing no
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