New Book! Cascadia the Life and Breath of the World

Working with the University of Hawaii publishers, we’ve struck a deal to start carrying Cascdia: The Life and Breath of the World – a new anthology featuring an amazing selection of writings from a wide range of poets, academics, writers and geographers. 

Stretching in a great arc from Southeast Alaska to Cape Mendocino, the region known as Cascadia is home to a breathtaking cultural and biological diversity.

In this collection, exceptional writers, artists, and activists describe the complexity and richness of the region: from the ancient songs of the aboriginal people, to the old-growth forests a thousand years old, to the life cycles of salmon. 

Cascadia features work by Robert Bringhurst, Hugh Brody, Emily Carr, Wade Davis, Chief Dan George, Tom Jay, Eve Joseph, Maxine Hong Kingston, Theresa Kishkan, Charles Lillard, Barry Lopez, Lee Maracle, Susan Musgrave, Louis Owens, Bill Porter/Red Pine, Eden Robinson, Judith Roche, John Schreiber, Chief William Sepass, Rob Sieniuc, Gary Snyder, Richard Van Camp, Richard Wagamese, Rex Weyler, and Jan Zwicky. 

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