CN! Store Spotlight Edition 1: Seattle Flag Makers

Welcome to the first edition of our CascadiaNow! Store Spotlight! We’ve created this series in order to highlight the awesome partnerships we’ve made at CN! through our online store. All the items in our store support West Coast businesses in some way in order to promote bioregionalism through autonomy of commerce.

First up: Seattle Flag Makers. While we try to source everything in our store from Cascadia companies, bioregionalism asks us to ‘encourage the use of local materials where possible’ and finding a large-scale custom flag printer in the region yielded a nearly impossible task. We grew our scope to search for USA-made flags and we identified Ballard-based Seattle Flag Makers as the most affordable and trustworthy option to help source these American made flags.

Carol Anderson, owner of Seattle Flag Makers, has been in the flag making business for 35 years (before the conception of the Doug flag itself!) so it is safe to say we trusted her when she told us our flags are being made by one of the top printers in the country. After making the move from the East coast to the West coast in 2007, Carol established Seattle Flag Makers in order to continue inspiring creativity across the country. She proudly operates the business with the help of her daughter Zera Marvel, who also graciously provided us with the beautiful shot of the Doug Flag proudly displayed in front of her house (pictured above). We were so pleased to be able to work one on one with Carol to be able to deliver our first run of USA made flags through ethical production. The printers are a family-owned business operated under fair labor practices. They even use eco-friendly inks!

Carol is nothing short of passionate about the flags she produces, made apparent through her superior customer service and personal connection with customers.

Thanks, Carol!

You can find the USA Doug Flags here. 

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