AMDEF returns to Seattle for its Yearly Mash-up of Art, Music, Dance, Entertainment, and Fashion

Once a year, Active Entertainment hosts an event that brings Seattle’s creative communities of art, music, dance, entertainment and fashion together to create a collaborative performance known as AMDEF. This event was created as a community building effort where the blending of artistic genres strengthens our local creative culture by exposing both artists and attendees to new mediums of entertainment.

One of the greatest and most powerful aspects of the Cascadia movement is bringing passionate people together to collaborate and advance change in our region. It is through collaborating with others that our perspective grow and innovative ideas arise. This is what makes events such as AMDEF so powerful. When talented individuals from very different creative disciplines come together to share their different perspectives  and collaborate, it results in an experience you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Be sure to check out this year’s AMDEF production as it returns to Neumos on September 17th. For more information on who will be performing  or to purchase tickets head to the AMDEF Facebook page.

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