Welcome Bethuel Karanja, our newest Cascadia Underground Intern!

Cascadia Underground is excited to welcome Bethuel Karanja as our newest Cascadia Underground intern and show host. In his role, he will help record and edit audio and video for CU segments, and host his own program titled “Blind Card”, a video piece to explore what it is like to be blind, and explore stereotypes and what it means to be blind. He will help show what it’s like to travel on public transportation,  go to a job interview, and when it’s okay to use the “Blind Card” and when its not, and when it’s okay to disclose your blindness to a potential employer.

About Bethuel Karanja

Host Bethuel Karanja was born in Kenya and came to the U.S. when he was ten years old to receive medical care after a car crash led to multiple injuries and disabilities including partial blindness. He graduated from Eastern Washington University in 2017 with a bachelors of art in Interdisciplinary studies with a focus in Graphic design and Art. He is currently a student at the Orientation and Training Center learning skills such as Braille. Being a person who is also dealing with blindness, he decided do this project  to educate both the sighted and blind world that blindness doesn’t have to hold you back. I want to put light on the stereotypes that people have about blindness and what it means to be blind. 

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