Washington Climate Assembly starts tonight at 6pm: Where to Watch

We are excited to share that the first session of the Washington Climate Assembly starts tonight at 6pm. This event is the first statewide People’s Climate Assembly to be held in the United States, with 80 individuals chosen from more than 6,333 households to represent the diversity of Washington State. The body will listen, evaluate and create a pathway to fight climate change and better sequester and mitigate carbon from our region. They will be informed by a series of learning sessions which brings together policy leaders, scientists and organizations over the next upcoming weeks.

The inaugural session is tonight at 6pm, and will include a publicly available livestream. After tonight, there will be several following sessions, on Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings.

Watch Live:

Washington Climate Assembly Inaugural Session
Tuesday, January 12 6-8:00 pm
Watch on Youtube

The Department of Bioregion is proud to be presenting “Fighting Climate Change Must Be Bioregional” as part of the 10-1pm learning session, Saturday January 23rd, 2020. Participants were randomly selected through a survey of more than 6,333 households, and then paired down through a random lottery process. Each one of these panel compositions had a mix of 80 potential Assembly members that reflected the make-up of Washington State, including: 

  1. Approximately half men/women
  2. Age range from 16+
  3. Congressional district
  4. Income level
  5. Race/ethnicity
  6. Education level 
  7. A range of opinions backed by earlier studies about whether global warming is happening; is caused mostly by human activities; and whether the individual is worried about global warming. 

The virtual event will be livestreamed and recorded starting January 2021 via Zoom and available for subsequent viewing on the WA Climate Assembly’s website and YouTube channel.

This virtual event will bring 80 Assembly members together and equip them with the tools and information they need to identify climate mitigation strategies that equitably support Washingtonians of all backgrounds—and particularly those communities disproportionately impacted by climate change. Assembly members will be chosen through a lottery to accurately represent the state in terms of demographics such as age, race/ethnicity, geographic distribution, and political perspectives.

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