Volunteers Needed: A Cascadia Bioregional Curriculum

CascadiaNow! is excited to announce that in 2017, we will be working to develop a ten week program for Cascadia Ambassadors to get grounded in bioregionalism, the Cascadia movement, and work with other team members to create a community service project to get active directly in their community. 

You can signup to volunteer at: 


or, if the section you would like to work on is full, email cascadianow@gmail.com directly.

As part of this process, templates will also be created so that Cascadia chapters and ambassadors in every community can host their own classes.

Goals of the class will be to grant a Cascadia certificate with the outcome of the person can

  • represent Cascadia, Cascadia Movement and CascadiaNow! effectively and accurately
  • have a working knowledge of bioregionalism and similar social movements locally, nationally and globally
  • develop interactive tools such as watershed based zines & guides, original contributions for an open source digital Cascadia archive, and to work with a cohort to develop a project / program directly making a difference in their community, that will be undertaken as part of a community service component. 

This project is under construction! if you would like to join us, please email cascadianow@gmail.com to get involved

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