Vancouver Group Hedley “Fly the Cascadia Flag High”

In an interview by the Vancouver Sun with the Canadian pop/rock group Hedley, Cascadia got a great mention when the lead singer Jacob Hoggard discussed the importance home (British Columbia), the forests, and Cascadia has had in their creative processes. In the article, published November 6th 2015 our favorite part was when he went on to say that: 

“….Vancouver is my home: I was born and raised here, my family is here, my roots are here. I live in those mountains: the North Shore mountains, the Fraser Valley mountains, the Crowsnest Highway, Pemberton/Whistler, the Sea to Sky. We’ve travelled all over the world, and yeah Paris is beautiful and Berlin is really cool. But there’s no place like home.”

“On a global scale Vancouver is exceptional. Our ocean and mountains and biodiversity and ecology is second to none. Cascadia — this whole Pacific Northwest temperate rainforest is so unique that for that reason alone it should be its own country.”

Hoggard lights up with a huge grin and his eyes get wide, almost wild.

“I’ve got the Cascadia flag,” he says. “It’s a real thing, man. I think more people should support bio-regionalism. Look at the mountain range on our album cover: That’s the Garibaldi range, from Cypress Peak looking east. Singing about the mountains gets pretty folky fast, but for me, that’s where I go. When I need to decompress, I head to the woods.”

Hedley is a four person Canadian pop-rock group originating in Abbotsford, British Columbia featuring singer Jacob Hoggard, guitarist Davie Rosin, Tommy Mac on the bass, and Chris Crippin on drums. all also featuring on backup vocals. that formed in 2003. They named themselves after the unincorporated community of Hedley, British Columbia, after members heard that the community was for sale for $346,000. 

Just as awesome, members of the band also serve as ambassadors for Free The Children, an international charity and educational partner. After experiencing the effects of poverty first-hand, Hedley involved its fans, explaining that “we were faced with the harsh reality that many people in impoverished communities are forced to live without the rights we take for granted here—such as health care. We returned to Canada resolved to take a stand and raise funds to help the families we met in the overall region.”

If you’re a fan of Hedley, think about giving Free the Children a look, and getting involved today! and make sure to give them a follow at

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