UpZones #46: Alex Garland

Upisode 45: Decorated Seattle photojournalist Alex Garland stopped by the book store during business hours for a lively conversation about his work documenting moments of change across the city and even beyond Seattle. He recounts how “the Occupy moment” galvanized some of the most effective politics of the current era even if it didn’t necessarily achieve concrete objectives; he walks Ian through the closure of the downtown viaduct, weighing in on the dangerous beauty and massive waste involved in such a project; he encourages listeners to see queer artists of color before they are pushed forever out of Seattle.

About Alex Garland

A beloved Seattle photojournalist, Alex Garland strives to better understand the world through photographic experiences; his passion is documenting life in its various forms and is determined to spread truth with his work by documenting struggles and celebrations that come with living on this planet, to prove our similarities and promote tolerance through communication. He has published in the Stranger, Real Change, and other major Seattle outlets, including his blog The Dignity Virus.

Nature is his solace and where he says he feels most at peace; he loves capturing the human interaction with nature, the enjoyment she provides, and the work being done to protect our environment.

This photo was taken in Standing Rock during Alex’s coverage of the DAP protests there.

For more examples of his work, have a look at his photography portfolio.

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