UpZones #26: Xiao Wang

Upisode 26: Season One Finale! After a brief celebration of one season of UpZones under the books, Ian hears from Boundless founder and CEO Xiao Wang, a Chinese-American immigrant whose local company is tackling the information problems that plague nearly all immigration processes in the U.S. He discusses the feeling of seeing couples allowed to stay together after years of trying, and what his immigrant parents think of his risky career choices.

About Xiao Wang

Xiao, a longtime Seattle-area resident who came to the U.S. from Greater China as a child; he is the co-founder and CEO of Boundless, a Seattle-based startup that smooths the immigration bureaucratic process by taking all the required government forms and turning them into simple questions that immigrants can answer online.  A businessman through and through, Xiao has worked for McKinsey & Co and Amazon, in addition to a stints as Director of Innovation & Design for the NYC Department of Education.

Xiao decided to found Boundless, which launched with a narrow focus on marriage/family immigration, when he realized that immigrants can fully comply with U.S. laws and regulations and still spend years living in limbo, unable to start their lives.  In the past year, the backlog for naturalization even for fully legal residents with longtime tenures has grown considerably, with one estimate for naturalization from India reaching an absurd 130+ years.

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