UpZones #17: Laura Loe

Episode 17: Affordability advocate Laura Loe interrupts a date (!) to swing by the bookstore and gave Ian a brief history of YIMBYism in Seattle; discussed why housing and urbanist advocates can so often be very lonely in their work; and painted a picture of the challenges facing density advocates so often torn between the two “poles” of the political left. Then she went back to her date.

About Laura Loe

Make Apartments Legal Again

Laura Loe is an educator, Gen-X musician, bus driver and gardener from Colombia via NY, LA, and Chicago, who has lived in Seattle for 8 years. Using the hashtag #YIOBY (Yes In Our Backyards), she works intersectionality to connect Seattle communities working for more equitable, climate resilient cities with many more housing choices. Laura Loe tweets as @sharethecities and is affiliated with organizing efforts for: Affordable Talaris, Seattle for Everyone, MOAR Backyard Cottages, and Red May Seattle.

A former Washington State Sierra Club Executive Committee member, Laura was also campaign manager for Tony Provine’s City Council campaign.  She formerly served as editor of “The Roosie,” Roosevelt’s community newspaper.  Laura, a former middle school math and science teacher, studied biology at UCLA, and brings a deeply methodological approach to housing, affordability, equity, and social justice; she is one of Seattle’s primary resources on social media for real-time updates for all city, county, and state legislative initiatives.  Stay tuned to Cascadia Underground for more on Laura’s upcoming “Land Use 101” educational series.

Find Laura’s Patreon and support her activism here.


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