UpZones #23: Michael Maddux

Upisode 23: Seattle City Council staffer and inveterate local activist Michael Maddux stopped by to pet the dog and it turned into a conversation about organizing; about being a homeless teen; about working through inevitable policy fights without hating your opponents; about Tim Eyman’s awful 1% rule; and — like so many other conversations in Seattle right now — about homelessness. He emphasized the importance of thanking elected officials when they do the right thing, or else all they hear is criticism from the bad guys.

About Michael Maddux

Michael Maddux, founder of #Hashtag, a legislative assistant and lead policy adviser to Council Member Teresa Mosqueda. He is a longtime homelessness and housing advocate who ran for Seattle City Council in 2015, where he lost to the general election to current member Rob Johnson.  The following year, he managed the Seattle Housing Levy campaign, was a semi-regular guest on KUOW’s Week in Review, and started the aforementioned #Hashtag while writing for other publications.

Michael is a bicycle commuter, and a renter in Seattle’s Eastlake neighborhood. He has previously served on the Parks Levy Oversight Committee, Parks Legacy Committee, and is the past Chair of the King County Young Democrats. He currently is the 2nd Vice Chair of the King County Democrats, Co-Vice Chair for Communications for the 43rd District Democrats, and serves on the Board of the Tenants Union of Washington.

Michael says the Council is continuing to work hard on disposition policies generally, and working with community to ensure public lands are being utilized for the best public benefit – affordable housing.

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